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mx id: 4614 | OBO id: HAO:0001583 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0001583
central nervous system
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
Collective name for all the nerve centers and their connective in the insect's body. In the context of Drosophila refers to the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and ventral ganglia.
written by: Haendel, M. A., F. Neuhaus, D. Osumi-Sutherland, P. M. Mabee, J. L. V. Mejino, C. J. Mungall, and B. Smith. 2008. CARO - The Common Anatomy Reference Ontology. Pp. 311-333 in: Anatomy Ontologies for Bioinformatics: Principles and Practice; Burger, A, Davidson, D, Baldock, R (Eds.). Springer. 356 pp.

Relationships / properties:
The central nervous system is a organ system.
The central nervous system is part of the nervous system.

Label usage (sensu)
central nervous system by Bertone, M. A. 2009. HAO Curator..
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